Our Initiatives

There are many teams working towards the DBIA’s goal of making the city core a functioning, vibrant, vital visitor and community gathering place that is desirable to live, work and visit. Read more about our initiatives below.

BeautificationCreating a clean, beautiful, and inviting environment is a significant part of the DBIA’s efforts. From lighting the street and pedestrian walkways to storefront murals our streetscape programs focus on adding vibrancy and pops of color to the streets of Downtown.
Economic DevelopmentOur Economic Development Initiatives focuses on the retention and recruitment of entrepreneurs and office tenants by working in collaboration with property developers, and investors to strengthen and grow the downtown.
MarketingWe work to promote a vibrant and diverse Downtown image through advertising, public relations, partnerships, events, and community relations. Our overarching goal is to position Downtown as a place with a local ride that embraces everything people love about Peterborough.
SafetyThe COVID-19 pandemic has had devastating impacts on cities and their local businesses. For the safety of the community, public space changes were made to downtown Peterborough, giving pedestrians and businesses more space to maintain physical distancing.