Our Mission is to continuously improve the experience of all who live, work and visit downtown by creating engaging initiatives that make Peterborough’s downtown a unique and desirable destination that promotes its diverse offerings as well as an economic centre that supports and celebrates its members and community.

Goal 1: At all times downtown must feel comfortable and safe

  • Expand collaboration to maintain a low crime rate and make Downtown feel safe
  • Ensure Downtown’s walkways are comfortably lighted
  • Increase the standard of care for Downtown’s cleanliness and well-kept appearance
  • Address the conditions of vacant properties
  • Prepare for and respond to emergencies

Goal 2: Public space is beautiful and celebrates the life of the City

  • Make key pedestrian areas inviting
  • Support the development of interesting public spaces
  • Continue to be the place of cultural and civic celebration
  • Supporting local events

Goal 3: Accessible to the entire region all of the time and easy to get around

  • Effective transit access
  • Enhance accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Connected, walkable neighbourhoods and streets
  • Convenient, understandable and managed parking

Goal 4: Vibrant, sustainable mixed-use places

  • Promote as the best place in Peterborough to develop and start a business
  • Engage people to live in the city core
  • A competitive shopping/dining location
  • A unique destination for visitors

Goal 5: Downtown’s vision, plans and offerings are understood by all

  • Market downtown to region and beyond
  • Vision and development plans for future downtown growth
  • Tools to assist continued redevelopment