The Boro Gift Card

With over $100,000 in sales since launching, the Boro gift card program makes it easier than ever to support downtown businesses. Acting as a prepaid credit card the Boro Gift Card can be spent at any participating downtown businesses.

How it works

The card will work on any point-of-sale system as well as online payment systems like Shopify. Setup takes only a few minutes and will not require you to have any physical system beyond whatever you currently use to process credit card payments. The only fee to DBIA members would be a 5% transaction fee, which is higher than a typical credit card fee.

Gift card benefits

  • Consumers spend an average of 65% more than the value of a gift card
  • Customers like to explore with a gift card with typically 15% of gift card redemptions made by customers trying a business for the first time

If your business would like to learn more about the program or join the Boro Gift Card program please email Communications Manager Hillary Flood,