Member E-Communications

Member E-newsletter 
Stay up-to-date with the news that affects your business and the downtown community. Our member e-newsletter provides businesses with exclusive information on DBIA program opportunities, promotions, important City/Peterborough Public Health notices, events, seminars, and more.

This newsletter is geared specifically towards the business community. If you have not received the DBIA e-newsletter and wish to signup, please contact Communications Manager, Hillary Flood to verify your information in our databases.

Member-only Facebook Group
The DBIA members-only Facebook group is a central hub for businesses to connect with each other and stay up to date-to-date on relevant DBIA information and notices.

The DBIA uses its Member-Only Facebook Group to:
– Share news of interest or importance to businesses.
– Alert members about road closures, recycling, snow removal etc.
– Discuss issues, trends, and projects of mutual interest.
– Offer ideas or questions about BIA initiatives.
– Socializing and networking.Click here to sign up:

Monthly Downtown E-newsletter
Anyone can signup to be part of our monthly e-newsletter and stay in the loop on downtown content. Our monthly e-newsletter celebrates all that is happening in our downtown and shares relevant stories from the broader Peterborough community.

Want to sign up for our monthly e-newsletter?
Contact: Hillary Flood, Communications Manager
705-748-4774 x203
313 Water Street, Peterborough, ON, K9J 7W7