Major Sport and Event Centre Study

The City completed a Feasibility Study for a Major Sport and Event Centre in Peterborough to determine the overall feasibility and cost-benefits of investment in a new Multi-Use Sport and Event Centre in the City.

The Feasibility Study completed by Sierra Planning and Management, was divided into two phases:

  • Phase One: Feasibility Study included stakeholder and community consultation and will determine market and community needs to justify a Major Sport and Event Centre in the City and broader region, beyond what is provided currently in the existing Peterborough Memorial Centre.
  • Phase Two: Business Case to provide specific recommendations on the requirements for a new Major Sport and Event Centre based on the information gathered in Phase One.
  • Phase 3A of the Major Sport and Event Centre study included additional evaluation of the shortlist of candidate sites identified during the feasibility study, including a review of the Market Plaza site. Further analysis led to narrowing the site search to Morrow Park and a site in the downtown area. Phase 3A was comprised of the following tasks:
      • Site analysis, review of ownership and encumbrances, constraints, and appropriateness of the sites under review to meet the goals of the City
      • High-level hazard, environmental and geotechnical review to distinguish between sites and identify risks
      • Land-use planning review and how such public infrastructure can be expected to contribute to the goals of Central Area planning established in the new Official Plan
      • Further design concept testing on sites and additional sites identified for further review
      • Capital cost updates for escalation and the option for a reduced-scale facility
      • Impacts of site conditions on capital costs
      • Assessment of the relative potential of sites to support broader regeneration of the Central Area of the City
      • Reporting and recommendations for the next Phase 3B

    The next steps in the Major Sport and Event Centre Study include staff reviewing the potential for this facility in the larger strategic planning exercise carried out in “Key Strategic Development and Investment Areas” contained in the Central Area, as identified in the new Draft Official Plan. Key strategic development and investment areas are identified as having the potential to support the City’s desired vision and objectives. Council reserved the right to also review Morrow Park as a site option. Staff will return to Council in 2021 to request approval to commence Phase 3B of the study project in a timeframe that aligns with staff’s review of key City infrastructure projects as recommended in the new Draft Official Plan.

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